First Europe Trip (2009) – Paris

When Michael and I first got married we were both in college, so we couldn’t travel much due to school responsibilities, but as soon as college wasn’t in the way – we took our very first trip to Europe. It was a 14-day vacation, covering 4 countries: France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Since this was our first time exploring Europe, we wanted to check out the more popular places/countries first, and then dig in to the smaller European gems later. Paris, of course, was a no brainer, it is the most popular European destination and we wanted to see what is the big hype about it. We were interested in visiting Berlin because we wanted to see the Cold War and other historical places, as both my husband and I are both from Eastern Europe, and grew up during the Cold War. Rome was another one of those “lets visit it because everyone talks about it” places we wanted to check out, even though neither of us knew much about it. As for Madrid, we didn’t have a big reason for picking it, other than there happened to be a cheap Rome-Madrid flight, so we figured – why not Madrid (we ended up loving it the most, of all the cities).

Eiffel Tower

Paris is everything you hear about, and much more. It was the most expensive city to visit, of the four. On average, we paid more for 1 meal in Paris than a day’s worth of eating in Rome. Of course, it was all worth it because the french cuisine is excellent! Being rookie travelers that we were, we stuck to visiting the most popular places, such as The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course the Palace of Versailles!

The Louvre
The Louvre
How Parisian students make extra cash
How Parisian students make extra cash

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