Cancun, Mexico

After we went to Hawaii (before the baby was born), we took a break from traveling, since we had our first baby and didn’t really know how to travel with kids. So, a year after Maui we were approached by some friends with an idea to go to Cancun, with the baby. Our friends also had a baby of the same age as ours, so we thought it might actually be fun. I was nervous and excited. Excited because it has been too long since our last trip and I was ready to go somewhere, but nervous because we haven’t traveled with the baby until then, let alone outside the country. But we figured that we won’t know what it is like, until we try (traveling with kids that is).

We wanted to stay at an all-inclusive resort so we wouldn’t have to worry about food, especially since we had a little one who was starting to eat solids, and an all inclusive resort definitely has plenty of food selections. CheapCaribbean had a great deal for a 6-night stay at Wyndham Riviera Maya, so we checked out their reviews on several websites (our favorite:, and decided it might be a good choice (and it was!).


The hotel was clean and the staff was friendly. Upon booking the trip we requested a crib, and one was ready in our room when we arrived. We did several excursions, one of them – seeing the ruins. I have learned about the Mayan history in my Spanish classes, but it was awesome to finally see the ruins in real size (not just a picture in a text book).

Mayan ruins
Mayan ruins

My husband was brave enough to climb to the top of one of the ruins (I had to stay below with the baby), based on the pictures he took…the view from the top looked breathtaking.

Mayan ruins - 2
Mayan ruins – 2

My favorite part of visiting any country south of the US is the popularity of coconut juice! I can never have enough of it! It tastes so much better when it is fresh, than canned (this applies to almost any other food or drink, of course). Even my baby girl loved it!


So, overall, even though I was very stressed out prior to the trip, it turned out to be fun for the whole family! My husband and I both were able to relax, even with an 8-month old on our hands. She did great with the 1 hour time change, and as long as we kept her nap and feeding schedules on time, she was happy!


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