New York City

My husband used to travel for business a lot for his previous job, and the only “good” thing about the traveling was that he accumulated a lot of hotel points that we decided to splurge and use them for our annual NYC trip. We usually go to New York in spring or fall, but this time we went in February, which wasn’t too bad…there was no snow, and the weather wasn’t too cold due to a mild winter. My parents were able to stay with our baby, so not having to deal with baby feedings and nap times made the trip so much more enjoyable (although we did miss her dearly)! We only went for 3 days, and definitely wanted to make the best out of them.

We always dreamed of staying at a Ritz Carlton one day, and since we had a lot of Marriott points we booked our stay at the Ritz Carlton – Central Park. The hotel experience was jaw-dropping. The room had everything one needs and doesn’t need (but might end up needing later)…I mean, they truly thought of everything a visitor might want when staying at this hotel, for example: personalized business cards in the room (with the visitor’s name and hotel’s address on them)! Or, a sewing kit with threads in every possible color.

Central Park in February
Central Park in February

The Ritz wasn’t the only thing we wanted to enjoy. I had seen several reviews on about High line Park, so we wanted to check it out. Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed, but maybe we can blame the gray chilly weather for that; it seemed like parts of the park could use a clean-up and some landscaping.

We also wanted to visit the Metropolitan Museum, since neither of us had been there before. It was only after we got inside did we realize that it will take SEVERAL trips to truly see everything (yet another reason to come back to the Big Apple!).

Ancient discovery
Ancient discovery


Modern art
Modern art

And, probably our most favorite part of our visits to NYC – the food. A friend of my husband’s recommended we check out “Hell’s Kitchen”, which is a neighborhood hosting many international restaurants. We tried Argentinean, and French, and loved both! Prices are not cheap, but then again – what IS cheap in New York City?

So, obviously we have some unfinished business in NYC (to see the Met again, and try more restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen). The tricky part is that we now have 2 kids…so that makes traveling a little more complicated, but I’m sure we’ll manage.


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