Peru trip (photo blog)

Back in May we went to Peru for a week, and I never got a chance to post about it. Even though it is 6 months later….better late than never, right?

Peru has been in our books for a while, we always wanted to see Lima, and hike up to see Machu Pichu, and finally that dream came true this year.



Our first stop was Lima, which prides itself to be one of the top culinary destinations, as well as a popular place to go Surfing.


20150522_112912_Richtone(HDR)We actually arrived there during Peru’s “off” season…so we didn’t catch a lot of surf-action, but we DID experience Lima’s foods.

The national dish is ‘Ceviche’ which is made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers, and goes well with sweet potatoes, rice, plantains and lettuce.


Of course, Latin America is also known for its awesome desserts (called “postres”)…my favorite: Tres Leche cake.


20150522_140830 (1)


Mid-way through the trip we visited Machu Pichu ruins, and the way to get to them is through the city of Cusco, which is very historical and has beautiful architectural designs.

20150519_084250 (2)

After a 2-hr flight to Cusco, 4-hr train ride, a 30-min bus ride, and an hour hike, we finally made it to Machu Pichu.



The view is so beautiful, that it actually looks surreal. Some of my pictures look like they were edited (but of course they weren’t).

The experience is amazing, and I truly hope you can visit Machu Pichu some day, it’s definitely worth going to see it.

20150520_114539_Richtone(HDR)The lamas are so friendly, you’ll wish you had one as a pet!




Quick tip: wear comfortable shoes (to see all the ruins it takes about 2.5-3 hours total), and a tank top (not a sweater, as I thought) because it gets very hot up there, especially since you have to hike+walk so much!







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