IMG_20151130_202038.jpg2015 was a busy year for us, with ups and downs, lots of family events, and personal projects…nonetheless, we made time for an extra special trip, and went to Tahiti in December.

Big thanks to Air Tahiti for running Holiday specials! But, I have to admit – after I booked the trip, the excitement and adrenaline took over my memory and I completely forgot how long the flight(s) were… until we printed our boarding passes the day of, and my reaction was – “we have to fly for HOW LONG?!?!” We had to do a 5-hr leg to Los Angeles, and then a 9-hr flight to Tahiti.  BUT…I was going to ‘paradise’, so I wasn’t about to let the 14 hour travel time spoil the mood.

And of course…long flights were most definitely worth it! Pictures below will speak for themselves.





My first shock was the fact that everything was in French, and all prices were in Francs (I expected USD prices). You’d think I would have known that FRENCH Polynesia will probably have something to do with the French (duh!), but somehow it didn’t click with me until we got there. So, it was a little unnerving because neither of us speaks French, but luckily most islanders are tri-lingual and speak Tahitian, French, and English.

By the way, did you know that…Tahiti has both White-sand, and Black-sand beaches? I didn’t.

White Sand Beach
Black Sand beach

Shock number 2: how expensive everything is. I understand the resort and everything on it is usually pricey, but we went to the city scouting for snacks + to see local life…and arrived at a Costco-style store, and I kid you not…the prices were about double than what we’d pay in the US (for the same item). We got curious and tried making small talk with the locals to figure out how can they afford the food and basic items at such costly rates, because their salaries do NOT match those in the US, and they would say something like “I don’t know, we just kind of make ends meet”.

We even stumbled upon some apples imported by Trader Joe’s! That bag of apples: $9.99.

Mid-way through the trip we took a tour up to the crater, through the jungle, and saw some of the most beautiful views of nature.


IMG_20151128_125252 (1).jpg




Fun fact we learned while on the island: The over-water Bungalow (which was quite spacious!) was actually invented in Tahiti, as well as the Catamaran.


IMG_20151127_110641 (1).jpg



The week flew by and even though we were sad to leave, we did miss our kids who were staying with grandparents (after day 3 – being half way across the globe from your kids will play tricks on your mind), so we were kind of excited to get back home.






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