“Queen City Int’l Flavors” _ part 1

Charlotte is not exactly known to be a “foodie” city (Compared to NYC, New Orleans, Charleston, etc) …however, I have noticed more and more international restaurants popping up. So, being slightly obsessed with everything ethnic+cultural+global…I visited some of the new International restaurants, and wanted to list my favorites.

Sabor (Latin)

When I miss Guadalajara, and start craving a juicy bite of Latin America food – Sabor hits the spot. From its choice of music, to its big variety of Hispanic street food (you can see their menu here)…this place screams “Latin”!

What: Tacos Autenticos (most popular menu item! also popular: Carne Asada)

Why: I had their shredded chicken Taco Autentico, and it was amazing. By the way, on Tuesdays…its “Taco Tuesday” (tacos autenticos are $1). I end up going back to this place again and again because it has flavorful Latin street food, at reasonable (Latin?) prices.


A regular Soda Machine is nice, but nothing beats a drink machine filled with popular Latin American ‘bebidas’.


Fun fact: “Sabor” is Spanish for ‘flavorful’…and yes, the name is quite appropriate to this restaurant.

Processed with VSCO


Mama Ricotta’s (Italian) 

What: Veal in Marsala sauce + Cacio e pepe Linguine, side of Asparagus+Garlic Tomato

Why: I am not a big fan of pasta, but this dish is definitely a friend of mine. The veal was cooked just right, and the linguine+sauce were out of this world!

Even though it was a little on the “loud” side, Mama Ricotta’s atmosphere is a blend between ‘family friendly’ and ‘casual dining’, so the restaurant is versatile for families with kids as well as those on a date, so naturally…we bring the kids along, quite often.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Next up….German and Thai!





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