“Queen City Int’l Flavors” _ Part 2

Bangkok Ocha (Thai)

Not a lot of people know about it (which is why I think this restaurant doesn’t get the business it deserves), but those  who know where to find amazing Thai food…are regulars here.

IMG_20160319_171917 (1)

What: Seafood Combination in Cashew Sauce

Why: I’ll be honest – from outside this place doesn’t look like it can offer much, but as soon as we got those spring rolls…I got hooked (as they say: looks can be deceiving). Then…the main course came out and I was in heaven. The husband+wife team (who have had this restaurant for at least 10 years) cooks everything to order, and you can definitely taste the difference when something is cooked fresh versus previously frozen and reheated. The flavors at this place are truly exceptional.

IMG_20160319_174013 (2)

P.S. It’s worth mentioning (again) that their spring rolls are the freshest I’ve ever had!

IMG_20160319_173210 (1).jpg





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