Exploring Victoria, Canada

I’ve been in the US for 16 years, and haven’t gotten a chance to visit Canada, until last week …while I was visiting family in Seattle, my cousin offered to go on a girls-trip for 2 days to Victoria (which is only a 90-min ferry ride from Port Angeles, WA).

Last time I tried to go to Canada (see my Niagara Falls post)…we (read: he) forgot our passports, so this time – lets just say that I checked my purse about 15 times to make sure my passport is in there.


As we parted Port Angeles, to be stuck for 90 minutes on a ferry (not the same as a cruise ship where food and entertainment is available at all times!) sounded like a pain, however, there is something about staring out over the water and getting lost in your thoughts that makes time fly by, and before I knew it, we were in Canada.


City of Victoria seemed very European to me, and had a noticeable difference from US cities. It looked beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to explore it.


First thing on the agenda was British Tea Time at the Empress Hotel. The Empress is one of Canada’s top hotels. It has a very luxurious atmosphere to it, and offers beautiful views of the harbor.


The Empress offers 21 loose leaf teas, including the famous Empress Blend.


Our Tea Time was nothing short of fancy, and is definitely a must-do in Victoria.


One of the other things to explore in Victoria is the Parliament Building. It is full of history, and is open to the public for tours; it also has a cute dining room on the first floor where tourists (as well as locals) can eat, and maybe even bump into a politician or two.



Our getaway to Victoria was only 2 days, which seemed short, but it was just enough time for me to notice how friendly Canadians are.

I was also impressed with the cleanliness of the city, as cities that are located by the water are usually a little dirty and smelly, but not Victoria!


Would definitely love to go back and explore everything else that we didn’t have time to check out (such as Butchart Gardens, and Victoria’s Butterfly Gardens), but that’s for next time!




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