Belize (Holidays 2016)


Belize happened to be a last minute trip. We did not plan it in advance (as we usually do). For about 3 months prior we knew we wanted to go somewhere (with the kids this time)….but couldn’t decide where. After monitoring airfare+hotel deals for a few weeks, we found a decent “bundle” deal on Orbitz; it included airfare and hotel accommodations which fit our budget. However, after doing some MORE research (never skip this part) we realized that it would be even cheaper to book flights and hotel separately (American Airlines was running low fares to Belize City around the holidays). So, we booked our trip (air+hotel+car rental) about 2 weeks before the actual trip (that’s pretty normal, right?).

A few things surprised me about Belize. First of all, the fact that everyone speaks (pretty much perfect) English! For a Central American country, I did not expect that. Later on, we were informed that most people in the country are trilingual in – English, Spanish and Creole. I found that fact fascinating, since most people I know don’t even speak a 2nd language.

One of the things I was extremely glad we did, while visiting Belize, was that we rented a car. That made it extremely easy to go and explore the country at our own pace and schedule. One of things we tried to explore on our own was Monkey River village and its jungle (known for its monkeys, obviously). However, after trying to drive to the village and getting stuck in a ditch (due to a storm passing through a week prior, the roads were almost impossible to drive on), we had to return to the hotel and book an actual tour for the next day, which took us on a boat to see the monkeys.

It was an unforgettable experience. The jungle was frightening and welcoming at the same time. It was amazing to see the wildlife, and come so close to exotic birds and reptiles.

The kids had a fantastic time. In fact, they loved it so much that on our flight back home they were asking to go back already.

Almost 2 months later, and they’re still talking about the monkeys and the jungle.



2 thoughts on “Belize (Holidays 2016)

  1. Oh we only stopped over at Belize city from the cruise. And made a dash to see the Mayan site of Xunatunich. That journey was the appetizer we suppose, and the main course is to come back for longer!

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