Fun in the Sun – St. Maarten


In March we took a cruise in the Caribbean waters, and one of the destinations on the itinerary was St. Maarten. I didn’t know what to expect about it simply because I didn’t know much about the island, and haven’t interacted with anyone who has previously been.

Upon docking, I immediately realized that this was my kind of place! This beautiful island smelled and looked like Paradise. Turned out that it is only 34 sq. miles in total, and we were told that it can be explored (by way of driving) in about 2-3 hours, so renting a car and doing exactly that made sense.


The Southern Half of the island is Dutch (part of the Kingdom of Netherlands), and the northern half is French; it was interesting to see how 2 different cultures can fit and be friends on 1 (somewhat) small island. As far as language….well, seemed like everyone agreed on English, ha.

Below you’ll see what we captured during our drive around the island. It was an unforgettable experience, and I can’t wait to go back!



How about that view?!?! Incredible waters, I could stare at them for days.




For a port town, I was impressed with how clean Philipsburg was. There were plenty of tourists walking around, and some street noise, which was normal…but it seemed like things were under control, compared to other port cities I’ve visited before.




Below is the famous Maho Beach, where the airplanes fly extremely low over beach-goers, at landing or take off. It was fun to watch, but the downside is the airplane’s fuel smell, which spoils the beach experience.




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