Belize (Holidays 2016)


Belize happened to be a last minute trip. We did not plan it in advance (as we usually do). For about 3 months prior we knew we wanted to go somewhere (with the kids this time)….but couldn’t decide where. After monitoring airfare+hotel deals for a few weeks, we found a decent “bundle” deal on Orbitz; it included airfare and hotel accommodations which fit our budget. However, after doing some MORE research (never skip this part) we realized that it would be even cheaper to book flights and hotel separately (American Airlines was running low fares to Belize City around the holidays). So, we booked our trip (air+hotel+car rental) about 2 weeks before the actual trip (that’s pretty normal, right?).

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Peru trip (photo blog)

Back in May we went to Peru for a week, and I never got a chance to post about it. Even though it is 6 months later….better late than never, right?

Peru has been in our books for a while, we always wanted to see Lima, and hike up to see Machu Pichu, and finally that dream came true this year.


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